514 League – The Begining

Hello everyone and welcome to 514 League!
I’m League of legends player Sky Reflexxz, also known under various aliases (I tend to change accounts a lot) due to Riot sometimes disagreeing with my…. behavioral policies –  but this topic is altogether for another post).  I have been playing league since it’s beta version. Yes. That’s before season 1.


This blog is dedicated to League of Legends and the 514 area, the beautiful yet moody (weather), multi-ethnic capital of the world….. *drum roll* Montreal!!
Other than the great food and people Montreal has to offer, it is also full of knowledgeable gamers of all sorts, especially when it comes to League of Legends!

There are also a lot of events and competitions within Montreal, including in downtown area and universities such Concordia and Mcgill, and of course, in colleges such as Dawson, Vanier etc. This also translate into more competitions, more mechanics (and rage – for all mechanics are endowed with the fiery rage of the molten core) and more fun for everyone.

Do let me know if you would enjoy French posts on the same blog or a separate but equal blog in French. I am for fraternity and brotherhood between all and I believe in mediation in many cases! League of legends is meant to bring us together – not with the enemy team of course, they’re the scum of the earth! (I’m just messing of course).


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